We come to Zen practice because we spend our life Caught in a self-centred dream believing them to be real,Which is creating our own pain and suffering.

Believing these self-centred thoughts to be real, which is exactly the dream.Each moment just as it is, is perfect and complete It is our thinking that makes it not so Experiencing life without the self, is Zen practice, which is the path of liberation.

Just being this moment, is Compassion’s Way.

Zen weekly Practice Times are

Monday 7pm until 9pm : Used for beginner’s where they learn about the form and are free to ask questions

Wednesday 7pm until 9pm :Formal practice

Sunday 8.30am until 12.30pm : Formal practice with a drama talk followed by private interviews

2017 Calendar of Events

June Friday 23rd Saturday 24th Sunday 25th retreat

July Friday 28th Saturday 29th Sunday 30th retreat

August Friday 25th Saturday 26th Sunday 27th retreat

September Friday 29th Saturday 30th Sunday 1st October retreat

October Friday 27th Saturday 28th Sunday 29th retreat

November Friday 24th Saturday 25th Sunday 26th retreat

December Friday 29th Saturday 30th Sunday 31st retreat

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